New joint venture for iconic Orkney brands

Orkney Fudge Highland Park launch

A new and exclusive variety of Orkney Fudge, flavoured with 12-year-old malt whisky from the islands’ iconic Highland Park Distillery, has just been launched.

The whisky fudge is expected to become a much sought after addition to the popular Orkney Fudge range, which already includes vanilla, chilli, stem ginger, chocolate, rum and raisin, hazelnut, peppermint and coconut varieties.

“Creating a whisky flavoured fudge is something we’ve always wanted to do, but it was important for us to perfect the recipe and find exactly the right whisky,” said Ewan McDill, Orkney Fudge’s Production Manager. “Highland Park’s famous malt certainly fits the bill in terms of quality and taste.

“It’s also great to have a collaboration involving two such well-known Orkney brands,” added Ewan. “We’re confident it’s going to be as popular as our other varieties.”

Highland Park’s Brand Heritage Manager Pat Retson said: “The new whisky fudge will certainly be a great addition to the range of flavours we have on offer at the distillery and I am sure it will fly off the shelves nationwide.

“We’re delighted with our new partnership with Orkney Fudge and have had some fun developing new tasting experiences with the various flavours, such as stem ginger and chilli, which we found really enhance the tasting of 18 and 25-year-old Highland Park.”

Meanwhile, a special orange flavoured variety of Orkney Fudge has been created exclusively for visitors sampling whisky during tours of the Kirkwall distillery.

“The orange flavour has been produced to add another dimension to our tasting of 30-year old-Highland Park, which we offer as part of our special Magnus Eunson tours,” explained Pat. (Magnus Eunson is credited with founding Highland Park Distillery in the late 18th century) “The citrus element in 30-year-old is gently teased out on to the palate with this fudge variant and really lengthens the finish of the whisky.”

Orkney Fudge recently secured a deal with major wholesalers Palmer and Harvey that will see the brand distributed to outlets throughout the UK.

“We’re also forging distribution links with some of the UK’s leading supermarkets,” added Ewan. “Combined with the Palmer and Harvey deal, all this activity is helping establish Orkney Fudge as a nationally recognised and iconic Orkney brand.”

The accompanying image shows Pat Retson, Brand Heritage Manager, Highland Park Distillery, (left) with Ewan McDill, Production Manager, Orkney Fudge, (right). Pic by Ken Amer, Orkney Photographic.


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