USA launch for draught Skull Splitter ale

Orkney Brewery’s famous Skull Splitter ale is to set to become available on draught in the USA for the first time ever.SKULL SPLITTER

The bottled version of the iconic 8.5 per cent brew – named after the seventh Viking Earl of Orkney, Thorfinn Hausakluif has been one of the most popular Scottish ales in the US market for many years.

Special launch events for the draught Skull Splitter are being held in Philadelphia and New York City later this month, before the ale is rolled out across America. The first container of Skull Splitter, packaged in one-trip kegs, has already crossed the Atlantic.

Norman Sinclair, managing director of Orkney Brewery’s parent company, Sinclair Breweries Ltd, is travelling to the USA for the Philadelphia and New York City launches.

“Bottled Skull Splitter has always been hugely popular in the USA, so creating a draught version was the next logical step for us,” said Mr Sinclair. “The market in the USA for high quality, hand crafted and distinctive beers is very strong and our discerning customers there are really looking forward to having access to Skull Splitter in draught form. Indeed, the level of interest in the USA launches has been considerable and it’s great to be heading over there to fly the flag for the brewery and for Orkney.”

Philadelphia’s premier real ale venue, the Pub on Passyunk East (known as the POPE), will host the first of the USA draught Skull Splitter events on 24 January, with a special Viking party held in the presence of the Hammer of Glory – Philly Beer Week’s ceremonial keg hammer.

New York’s St Andrews Scottish Bar and Restaurant, in central Manhattan, is the focus for the next launch party on 29 January, with outlets throughout the city stocking up on the new draught Skull Splitter to coincide with the big day.

Skull Splitter tap handle

To mark the occasion of the USA launches, a unique axe shaped Skull Splitter tap handle (pictured left)  has also been created.


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