Student life in Kirkwall

Whether you’re pulling an all-night, pre-exam cramming session, or facing your millionth plate of beans on toast, life as a student can be quite hard sometimes.

Making cash go as far as possible is often a top priority while at college, and saving a few quid here and there can certainly have a big impact over the period you’re studying. After all, why have last night’s cold pizza for breakfast when you can enjoy a cereal variety pack, or steak and eggs Benedict?

Okay, so we don’t know any students who eat steak and eggs Benedict for breakfast, but you get the point. Watch the pennies and the pounds look after themselves, or something like that.

Luckily, many Kirkwall BID member businesses offer discounts to students and they really don’t mind you asking for it. Remember, some of our business people were once students themselves. Many of them have students in the family. They genuinely want to help you and hope you’ll continue to shop with them when you’re running the country, or your very own business. You are the future of Orkney and it’s much better for everyone if you’re not completely skint. Well, not all of the time anyway.

So, don’t be shy. Ask for your student discount at participating Kirkwall BID businesses – you’re entitled to it and you’ll be helping support your local community in the process. All you have to do is show your sympathetic shopkeeper your Orkney College UHI identification, NUS, or Young Scot card. Ker-ching. Result. Everyone’s a winner. But please don’t pretend to be a student and ask for a discount, as that would just be totally lame. Or whatever it is the kids say these days.

With a huge range of local businesses offering discounts, there really is no excuse for not eating slightly more healthily, looking a bit sharper, or failing to buy a present for your granny’s birthday. You’ll find 10 per cent is the most widespread saving available from the Kirkwall BID members, but the Orkney Library and Archive, for example, offer a whopping 50 per cent discount on photocopying! What greater incentive could you need to save on printer ink and produce multiple copies of your academic thesis, fantasy novel or overdue essay (written that very day). A word of warning though – do not use this generous discount to photocopy parts of your body.

You’ll find a full list of participating businesses, with details of the discounts available here. What are you waiting for?

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