Jewellery community comes together for refugees

Orkney jewellery designer Alison Moore is one of more than 60 jewellers from throughout the UK to donate work to a Facebook auction in aid of refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

The Auction for Aid gets underway today (Monday, 19 September) and runs until Sunday (25 September). It follows a smaller auction held last year, which raised over £10,000 for the refugee cause.

Proceeds from this week’s auction will go to two organisations – Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), an NGO dedicated to preventing loss of life to refugees in distress at sea, and Salam LADC – a Lebanese NGO offering aid in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, which is near the Syrian border and home to more than 500,000 impoverished refugees.

Spearheading the auction is Leeds based jeweller, Ghazal Ghahri-Saremi, of Soremi Jewellery.

“Last year’s auction was something we put together in a few weeks and I was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response and the audience we attracted in a short space of time,” she said. “This year we plan to go bigger and better with our fundraising. We have all seen distressing images of the refugee crisis and the Syrian civil war and felt helpless, but we can help and I believe we have a humanitarian duty to do what we can to prevent suffering. I am so thrilled that the jewellery community has demonstrated their solidarity with by widespread participation and generous donations.”

In addition to work by Alison Moore Designs, the auction – hosted on the Auction For Aid Facebook page – will feature donations from jewellers such as Polly Wales, Jo Hayes Ward, Ruth Tomlinson and Shimmel Madden.

Alison Moore said: “The refugee crisis is something that concerns me greatly and this auction is just one small way that our profession can make a contribution to the humanitarian response. Hopefully, it also helps maintain awareness that this is an ongoing crisis, one that’s going to need a massive global effort to alleviate.”


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