Orkney Brewery’s popular puffin gets bottled

The popularity of Orkney Brewery’s cask Puffin Ale has prompted the firm to launch a bottled version of the 4.5 per cent brew.

Officially released this week, the new 500ml bottles of Puffin Ale are expected to fly off the shelves.

Cask Puffin, which celebrates Orkney’s most iconic seabird – known locally as a Tammie Norrie – was introduced to the market around two years ago.

puffin-ale-bottle-shot“We originally thought Puffin Ale would prove most popular in coastal and island areas, but the demand nationally has been incredible,” said Norman Sinclair, managing director of Sinclair Breweries Ltd. “Ever since we launched Puffin our customers have been asking for a bottled version, so we’re excited to now be bringing one to the market. The brewery team has worked very hard to capture the distinctive flavour and character of the cask Puffin in the bottled version and they’ve done a fantastic job.”

Mr Sinclair added: “We always appreciate feedback from our customers and love to hear what they’d like to see in terms of new products. It’s that kind of enthusiasm and support which helped bring a bottled Puffin to the marketplace, so we’d like to say thanks to everyone who took the trouble to let us know how much they loved the original cask variety.”

Orkney Brewery’s head brewer, Andrew Fulton, describes Puffin as a tawny ale, with an aroma of sweet, nutty malt and hints of cedar wood and dark fruits.



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