Storm strength Arkh-Angell gin hits Orkney

A new ‘storm strength’ version of Orkney Distilling’s Kirkjuvagr Gin is being launched in Kirkwall this weekend.

The 57-per-cent gin has been named Arkh-Angell, after the fishing boat belonging to the late father of Aly Kemp – one half of the Orkney Distilling husband and wife management team – and as a tribute to generations of island seafarers.Kirkjuvagr Arkh-Angell gin, from Orkney Distilling

The gin’s name also reflects the use of a locally grown variety of Norwegian angelica, called Archangelica, as a key ingredient.

Kirkjuvagr Gin was launched last year and has proved hugely popular throughout the UK.

“Bringing out a traditional Navy strength, or in this case, a storm strength, version of Kirkjuvagr was the next logical step for us, but we were keen to put our own twist on it,” said Orkney Distilling managing director, Stephen Kemp. “Arkh-Angell is very much a homage to the proud seafarers of Orkney and it also connects with Aly’s family’s fishing heritage.”

Mr Kemp said Arkh-Angell retained the smoothness that had won Kirkjuvagr the acclaim of gin aficionados nationally, with the increased strength bringing new depths to its complex flavour profile, created with a range of locally grown botanicals.

“It was important for us to retain the characteristics that define Kirkjuvagr, so the process to create Arkh-Angell has been rigorous,” he said. “And, as with Kirkjuvagr, the creation of Arkh-Angell has very much been an Orcadian enterprise, both in terms of the botanicals used and the team involved across all elements of the product development. We’re absolutely delighted with the results and are sure it’ll prove as popular as Kirkjuvagr, whether you’re a mariner or not.”

Orkney Distilling is currently building a new artisan distillery and visitor centre on Kirkwall’s Ayre Road seafront, with work due to be completed in the autumn of this year.

Arkh-Angell gin will be available online at and, initially, in retail outlets throughout Orkney.



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